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As an insurance broker, Grampians Insurance Brokers works for you – NOT the insurance company.

David and the team spend the time to evaluate all your personal circumstances and needs, and then find the policy that best suits your situation. It’s a very tailored process that ensures you have the right amount of coverage.

And being experts in the industry, the team are able to decipher policy wordings and the complicated terminology that, as customers, we sometimes overlook or don’t understand.

Grampians Insurance Brokers save you the time and energy of ringing around numerous insurance companies, trying to compare policies and prices. They negotiate and haggle on your behalf with insurance companies to get the best policy coverage at the cheapest price.

And at the stressful time of making a claim, this is perhaps when you’ll be most glad you have your insurance through Grampians Insurance Brokers! You won’t be just a claim number on the end of a phone, dealing with a different person every time you ring!! You will have personalised service to help complete your claim and make sure all t’s are crossed and i’s dotted so that everything is taken care of. 

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