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Dear John,


Thank you kindly for your courteous, unhurried and helpful manner on the phone this morning. I feel I must acknowledge just how reassuring it is to speak with a person (not a phone queue or a call centre) and be heard, understood and assisted; the lost art of customer service! It is a relief to find that it still exists after too much mad city bureaucracy this morning. Thank you also for believing that I was in fact myself and not requiring 100 points of ID or Michael's verification (that I wasn't a phoney), before hearing my enquiry. Perhaps this is odd, but it must be said and I was grateful to both yourself and Kate for your help today.


Kind regards,



Nicola Germaine, Commercial Business Insurance Customer



Grampians Insurance Brokers has been our broker for over 10 years. In that time their level of service has been second to none. The service has been professional with attention to detail and expertise, resulting in a successful insurance claim under what may be considered unusual circumstances.

We would highly recommend Grampians Insurance Brokers


Jenny, Ararat Commercial Business Insurance Customer

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